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No secrets! Here's exactly what you can expect from The PC Penguin.

Do I Need To Make An Appointment?

Not exactly. We're open from 4pm-6pm. A text or call letting us know you're coming is appreciated; We don't live there! We're usually on premise, but if our families need us more than work, we don't want you to show up to an empty shop.

What Will This All Cost?

Cost is key! Not all computers are worth the repair cost, and we'll help you determine whether it's a wash or not. (Parts are extra; We'll warn you prior to any extra costs).

Diagnosis & Advice : Free
Service : Flat $75 (ALL repairs)

Do You Rent Computers?

We have a decent supply of laptop rentals we rent out on a semester, monthly, and daily basis. Cost is the same for all laptops we have available, so come in early in the semester for first-picks! (Click here for more).

What Forms of Payment Do You Take?

All of them. We prefer card or cash since it saves us the 60 seconds it would take to snap a picture of your check and deposit it.

My Laptop Screen is Broken, Can it be Fixed?

Yes! Note though, The PC Penguin only repairs non-touch screens (I know, it's crazy -- the industry is edging us out of the repair sector with this category due to fused & glued digitizer/lcd panels).

Do You Repair Apple Computers?

Despite our business name, we do work on Apple computers as well! The most common failure with Macs is hard drive failure.

I Need Data Recovered. Can You Help?

We offer basic data recovery services (95% success rate so far!). If it's got beeping or clicking going on, we can help you send it to a pro.

Do You Service Local Businesses?

We are known to accommodate local businesses! We have great references like Ray's Chevron, A-1 Windshield, Family Vision Center, Velocity Auto-Body, and more. Give us a call and lets see what we can do for you.

Do You Repair Tablets?

Unfortunately, we do not. Most are sealed units, so it needs to be repaired by a specialist or the manufacturer.

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Albert Jacobs
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Tonya Garcia
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Linda Guthrie
Business Development

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